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Bugs report (Please fix it when development starts again!)

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  I am a huge fan of DEAD DOZEN. This Bugs report is left because I love this game to be a better game. I hope it gets updated.



1. When a player with a level of 12 opens the game, he does not move to the next match after Round 3. Stop in 1 second.

2. The second is not a bug, but the ghoul's health is too low. I know. The health of burns has been reduced through updates. However, in PVP, zombies are disadvantageous when you encounter 1 VS 1 

    situation. I honestly think that if the host zombie fights a human being, it should win advantageously. So that's what I think.

    Goulou's health 150.

    Rover's health 200.

    It would be nice to change the health of the burns again. However, the health before the previous update was too bad for humans.
    I hope this is updated.

3. Now I think it is number one in the leaderboard of DEAD DOZEN. However, I am currently in the third place and the first and second places are achieving the scores of billions. But I have 300,000 

    points. And the surprise here is that the first and second places in the rankings have fewer plays. I have 10 games for the 1st place and 0 for the 2nd game, and the score is over 100 million. I do not

    know whether the first or second place is nuclear, but I am sure it is the first place in the ranking. Please also fix these Bugs.



   I'll leave a photo link below.







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