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  1. Thank you for this and I look forward to what you do next. You have my support. ❤️
  2. So am I correct in saying that you had the Supreme / First Infected edition and then refunded it and then bought the game when it came on steam? If what I said is correct; then no, you do not deserve the skins in the new patch. You refunded the game, it was your choice and you have no right to claim you "deserve" the skins.
  3. Tolgrath

    Patch 2.2.0 Now Live.

    Awesome, this is great. Thanks guys! :)
  4. Click HERE for more info on the event. Thank you, Tolgrath 🙂
  5. Hello all players and Devs There are quite a few Dead Dozen steam groups out there, which is doing nothing but splitting the community up into smaller communities. Therefore, I request / suggest the following: The Dev team creates an official Steam group for Dead Dozen that we can all join and that they can advertise as the official group; or We vote on the current Dead Dozen groups to choose an official group. Personally I don't mind which way we move forward but I do think it will help players find each if we are all in one group and not 10. Let me know which method you would prefer. However, in the interim, those looking for a group can join the one I created: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/dddzn Thank you, Tolgrath :)
  6. To see how I completed the escape more WITHOUT using weapons, taking damage or me killing any ghouls; check out my… https://t.co/BH9H44VZ7Q

  7. Lol, well if you play the escape mode you will see how they did it there and it works well. But ya, everyone always sees different scores which is odd but i'm sure they will fix that. Well that is the point of the BR mode. :) most of the time i just got jump scared to death lol but was lots of fun.
  8. Okay, so I managed to play it and it was enjoyable. Before i give my feedback I would like to mention a few things that make sense to me: Turning into a ghoul after you die, no matter the mode you are playing, stays within the idea of the game of "Die as a human, rise as a Ghoul". I believe this is a good thing, within limits - which I will get to a bit later. The weight system works well and I prefer it to having set amount of inventory slots for weapons. PUBG has slots for 2 main weapons and 1 slot for a side weapon. Fortnite has 5 slots (i believe) for weapons and consumables. In here you can carry as much as you can carry. Can't find an AR? Take 7 pistols instead. This I believe is of highest importance, dedicated server/s. I know this means 're-making' the game or 're-structuring', but at the end of the day it will have to be done. You can't have a multiplayer game without at least one dedicated server. My feedback for the PVP mode: It works on a 3 round basis; so why not have the walls and floors that were destroyed in the round remain destroyed for the remainder of the rounds? This will force people out of the usual 'camping spots'. Full health packs that heal you to full health. My feedback for the Battle Royale mode: Turning into a ghoul after you get killed / die I am happy with as it ties in with the main part of the game. However, I believe you should be limited to 1 life as a ghoul. You die as a human, rise as a ghoul to exact revenge and if you die then you are dead and have to spectate or leave. I think having an arming of ghouls running around ruin the mode. Increase the spawn time of the ghouls, to at least give the human a chance to loot from their kill. A bigger map would be idea - although I have nothing against the current one. It is just something I saw people say a lot. Make the score system clear - ideally have it like the escape mode. You kill a human, '+ X amount of points'; you kill a ghoul, '+ X amount of points'. You are the last one standing, '+ X amount of points'. Order the scoreboard from most points to least - I believe this should apply to the PVP mode as well. My feedback for the Escape mode: Will a new map be released and if so will it continues from where the current one ends? Further enquiries: When will mode classes be released? Will melee weapons be coming and if so with they be class specific or a find-able weapon? The consumable health pack, i have noticed that it doesn't give you a set amount of health each time. From what I have seen, the less health you have when you use it the more health you get back. Is this how it is meant to work? I think that is all that I have for now. Thank you, Tolgrath :)
  9. Dead Dozen | Escape Mode | No damage, no guns, no kills completed! ft. King Beast: https://t.co/oe1OORO0LL via @YouTube

  10. Tolgrath

    Your opinion

    Here is some feedback from my friend: stamina should be higher ghouls movements could be way better maybe of hit knockback animation to make the guns feel stronger
  11. ha ha you did it, you survive to the escape 


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      the escape is very hard, but i love that, actually the escape game are so easy , I like that it resists : )

    3. TemplarBlack


      maybe can i try with you, i need a teammate

    4. Tolgrath


      Of course, add me on Steam so you can see when I come on. My steam name is Tolgrath