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  3. leaderboard bugs : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1463666742 Round bugs : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=140801721
  4. I am a huge fan of DEAD DOZEN. This Bugs report is left because I love this game to be a better game. I hope it gets updated. 1. When a player with a level of 12 opens the game, he does not move to the next match after Round 3. Stop in 1 second. 2. The second is not a bug, but the ghoul's health is too low. I know. The health of burns has been reduced through updates. However, in PVP, zombies are disadvantageous when you encounter 1 VS 1 situation. I honestly think that if the host zombie fights a human being, it should win advantageously. So that's what I think. Goulou's health 150. Rover's health 200. It would be nice to change the health of the burns again. However, the health before the previous update was too bad for humans. I hope this is updated. 3. Now I think it is number one in the leaderboard of DEAD DOZEN. However, I am currently in the third place and the first and second places are achieving the scores of billions. But I have 300,000 points. And the surprise here is that the first and second places in the rankings have fewer plays. I have 10 games for the 1st place and 0 for the 2nd game, and the score is over 100 million. I do not know whether the first or second place is nuclear, but I am sure it is the first place in the ranking. Please also fix these Bugs. I'll leave a photo link below. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198221816156/screenshots/#scrollTop=0 https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198221816156/screenshots/#scrollTop=0
  5. so i understand it right dead dozen R.I.P. ? 😞
  6. Просим прощения за поздний пост на русском. Дорогие друзья, Мы приняли тяжелое для нас решение остановить поддержку DEAD DOZEN. Почему? Давайте рассмотрим ситуацию в деталях. Бюджет игры: *own funds - собственные средства, pre-sales - предпродажи игры на сайте, borrowed - заемные средства К сожалению, указанный бюджет закончился к 1 апреля. После этого мы уже на энтузиазме делали режим Escape, который тоже не смог поднять интерес к игре. Нам не удалось реализовать многое из того, что мы задумывали. Все еще имеются небольшие баги и недостаточно много контента. Но даже если бы мы остались на разработке этого проекта, надо признать, мы не смогли бы решить проблему низкого онлайна в короткие сроки без изменения главных механик игры. На опыте других студий можем сказать, что этого не смогли сделать ни Клифф Блежински, ни Paragon с их колоссальными ресурсами. Мы понимаем, что кто-то скажет "это не мои проблемы, я отдал деньги - продолжайте развивать игру". Вы правы, но, как вы знаете, человеческие возможности существования без еды ограничены. Тем не менее, это не повод сдаваться и закрывать студию. Мы не из слабых. Жизнь в самом холодном городе планеты сделала нас сильными и стойкими. Мы намерены снова подняться на ноги. Ведь однажды мы уже смогли создать потрясающую игру The Wild Eight. Мы видим свою миссию в том, чтобы вдохновить на своем примере многих молодых людей на пути к их мечте, где бы они ни родились и кем бы они ни были. Для нас разработка игр это самое любимое дело жизни. Cервера игры на Unity продолжат свою работу, и мы не бросаем надежд снова вернуться в разработку DEAD DOZEN в будущем. И как уже написали, на данном этапе надо идти дальше и продолжать работу студии. На днях мы анонсируем вам наш новый проект, который делается полностью на энтузиазме команды. Благодарим за понимание. - Команда Fntastic Ранее мы опубликовали этот пост на английском:
  7. Radiant One A Story of Awakening Today we're announcing you Radiant One, an illusory, story-driven adventure with mystical elements. Trying to escape from boring life and social media, one day Daniel found a mysterious book about lucid dreams. Very quickly he was able to do incredible things, create amazing worlds and fly during sleep until one day his dreams fell under the power of something inexplicable, something terrible conceived by the Universe itself… Help Daniel survive, pass the test and get enlightenment. Radiant One inspired by minimalist 3D design, is a unique, hand-crafted world of Daniel to explore. It’s designed to be easy for everyone to pick up, enjoy and complete. Radiant One will come on Steam, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV in July.
  8. Thanks guys, you can support our studio by telling your friends about our new game Radiant One.
  9. Is there anyway that I could possibly donate to the studio? Like a GoFundMe page or something? It would be money well spent if it would mean you guys could continue releasing amazing titles and continue supporting Dead Dozen. I've loved Dead Dozen since it first launched and it sucks to know the player base is lacking. You guys will always have my support <3
  10. я в вас верю и жду новую игру с нетерпением я буду поддерживать вас земляктар!)
  11. you guys have earned my respect and trust over the time with this game i support you Devs
  12. Tolgrath, thank you for your support, it means a lot to us!
  13. Thank you for this and I look forward to what you do next. You have my support. ❤️
  14. Dear Friends, We apologize for the lull that has been lately. It's time to take stock of the development of DEAD DOZEN. Because from today we stop supporting the game. Why? Let's look at the situation in detail. So, this is the development budget: Unfortunately, the budget ended by April 1. After that we made the Escape mode on our enthusiasm, which could not raise interest to the game. Of course, we were not able to realize much of what we were planning. There are still small bugs and not enough content. But even if we stayed on the development of this project, we must admit that we could not solve the problem of low online in a short time without changing the core of the game. This could not be done either by Cliff Bleszinski or Paragon with their colossal resources and huge team. We understand that someone will say “Ok, this is not my problem, I gave money so continue to develop”. We agree with that, but, as you know, human possibilities of existence without food are limited. However, this is not the reason to give up and shut down the studio. We are not of the weak. Life in the coldest city of the planet made us strong and steadfast. We are going to rise again. After all, once we were able to create an incredible game The Wild Eight. We need to move on. We see our mission in inspiring many young people on their way to their dream, wherever they are born and whoever they are. And for us, game development is the most beloved thing in life. DD servers on Unity will continue their work. In the future, we hope to return to the development of DEAD DOZEN and finish what we started with the redesigned gameplay. As already said, at this stage it is necessary to go further and continue the work of the studio. And very soon we will announce our new game. There will also be the following changes: • DD Forum will become a section of Fntastic Forums. All premium users will keep their status on the whole forum. • There will also be changes on our Discord server. Thank you for your understanding and patience. Ed from Fntastic Team
  15. Wortns

    Level error

    It will not proceed to the next match only if the 12th level person is a host.
  16. At 12th level, the 3rd round ends and does not move to the next match. It stops in 1 second.
  17. Two skins are for the first infected eddition and the other two for the supreme edition. If you dont have them, you dont get the skins.
  18. The announcement states that you will receive compensation under the Supreme / First Infected edition. Does this mean that only the users who received the Supreme / First Infected edition can receive the skin and nameplate? Or does the Supreme / First Infected editions mean a little more rewards and other Early Access users who are initially supported receive the skin? I wonder that. If the Early Access users receive the skins, I will not be able to see the emails in the humble bundles, so I will not be able to get the skins and I will die. I like this game very much and can not get a chance to get a limited skin? So I will give you this opinion.
  19. I bought the game on March 8th, refunded it, and bought it again on March 10th to receive your update message. So, can not users who have not bought Supreme / First Infected edition get their skins? I have not seen such a notice. I thought I just bought the game early, and I did not get my key, so I looked up my e-mail address, but it said it was not registered in the humble bundle. More. Perhaps we do not know some email addresses in South Korea. I bought the game exactly on March 8th, refunded it, and bought it again on March 10th. And then there was no key. I look forward to your reply.
  20. So am I correct in saying that you had the Supreme / First Infected edition and then refunded it and then bought the game when it came on steam? If what I said is correct; then no, you do not deserve the skins in the new patch. You refunded the game, it was your choice and you have no right to claim you "deserve" the skins.
  21. I bought the game on Steam around March 10th.
  22. Hi, we sent you a message at oling523@naver.com
  23. Wortns

    Patch 2.2.0 Now Live.

    좋은 아침. Wortns라고하는 한국의 직원. 나는 한국에서 처음으로 이메일을 사용했다. Steam Product Key 겸손 번들로 이메일을 보냅시다. 그러나 이메일은 작동을 중지하지 않습니다. 아마 하나 뿐이며 내 이메일에 연결되어있을 것입니다. 여기 내 이메일입니다. oling523@naver.com 전자 메일로 확인하고 스팀 키를 보내십시오. TT 피부를 좋아하십시오. 3 월 10 일에 게임을합니다. 제발, 피부를 씻을 권리가 있습니다. Can premium users only receive keys? 그렇다면 프리미엄 사용자가되는 방법은 무엇입니까? 2 일 전부터 개발자에게 메시지를 보냈습니다.
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